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NEW FEATURE - Your Own App in Android and Apple Stores

Your app with your name, your logo, your images and your descriptions in Apple and Android stores.

This one is a game changer for sure. In the modern day, technology is important and nothing is cooler than having your own app.


.... As a course junkie myself I’m not saying that I believe this should be the case, but in the minds of the general public and your potential clients it definitely is.

Sadly, up until now having your own, high quality training app would cost you tens of thousands of $. I know this because I got quoted £30,000 to get one made.

Well, as usual we’re changing the game for you.

All Full or Premium members of PT Distinction can now get their own apps in Android and Apple stores for FREE!!!!

What’s more they are probably the most powerful client apps on the market today.

If you’re already a full member or a premium member then you’re included in our first batch. Just login, go to more, then app customisation to get going.

If you’re not yet a full member I still want you to stand out like a Lion on a pussy cat retreat.

Therefore, I’ve opened up the opportunity for you to join us
or upgrade before the end of this week and get included in the first batch of 100% branded apps............. I was not popular suggesting this as each members app is submitted to Apple and Google separately and involves a lot of work for us!

Over the coming weeks I will be teaching you how to use your own apps to enhance your reputation and make a better income as a leading
modern day personal trainer.

Welcome to the new world.
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“I'm not one for profanities but W..T..F.. This is awesome!”

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